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Council 9378 25th Anniversary demo DVD

Council 9378 Soccer Contenders

District - 18 Rosary Celebration

Council 9378 Soccer Contenders

Christmas Mid Night Mass

Grand Knight Presenting Check to Isable and Family

Council 9378 -2015 Yuma County Fair Food Booth

2015 - 2016 Officers Boat Outting

Knights Of Columbus Brick By Brick Fundraiser

Knights Of Columbus Council 9378 2015 - 2016 Officers Initiation and Award Ceremony

Knights Of Columbus Council 9378 donates $5000.00 IC and $200.00 to Fr. Nathaniel

2014 - 2015 Council 9378 Scholarship awards

Council 9378 Brother Knights and family members
working the the 2015 Fiesta Mexicana

Wine Tasting at Main Squeeze

9-11 Blue Mass 2015

Council-9378 Bowling Social Event Sept-2015

Council-9378 October Social Event Prison Hill Brewing Company

2nd Annual Arizona Steate Rosary in Yuma

2015 Trunk or Treat Event

First Annual Mini Golf Tournament

Council Spaghetti Dinner Social Event - 2016

Silver Spur 2016 Assembly-20

Council 9378 Coats fot Kids Donation to Aberly Place

Council 9378 - 2016 Yuma County Fair Food Booth

Council 9378 - 2016 Vocation donation to Isabel Herrera

Council 9378 - 2016 Clean up Unborn Memorial

Council 9378 - 2016 AZ KofC Grand Knight of the Year

Council 9378 - 2016 Social Event Bowling at INCA Lanes

Knights of Columbus Council 9378 cleaning up Tomb of the Unborn Memorial

Knights and Family at the Celebration Mass of the Franciscan Sisters
and farewell to Fr Ramonito and Deacon Nixen

Fr Tomas Nuñoz Celebration of Life

LeRoy Zacher Celebration of Life

Brother LeRoy Zacher Rosary Service and Viewing

Brother LeRoy Zacher Chalice Ceremony

2014 Silver Spur Participation

I C Celebration

Honoring I C Anaya Chalice Presentation

The 2013 - 2014 Knights of Columbus Council 9378 Donation Program

The 2012 - 2013 Knights of Columbus Council 9378 Donation Program

The 2012 - 2013 Knights of Columbus Council 9378 Scholarship Award Program

Fundraiser at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Anniversary Celebration

Council 9378 presenting checks to several church activities

Council 9378 presenting 2011-2012 Scholarship checks

Council 9378 2012 Yuma County Fair K of C Food Booth (need more photos)

Worthy Brother Knights receiving award certificates

9-11 Blue Mass Celebration - 2012        9-11 Blue Mass - 2012 WOW version

Silver Rose comes to Yuma - September 23, 2012

At the Mexican Fiesta Celebration - PGK Matt Young Dedecated to the Cause of Being a Knight and Supporting the Chruch

K of C Council-9378 Charter

Fr. Ramonito Celestial (Council Chaplain) Receiving his Honorary Life Membership Card.

District 18 Installation of Officers - Four-In-One.

95th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

Council 9378 Chalice Presentation Team Video

K of C Council 9378 Participation at the Diamond Celebration

Margarita's Angels donates to I.C. St. Vincent de Paul

Joseph Franco Receiving his Honorary Life Membership Card.

Worthy Brother Knights receiving First Degree certificates

Council 9378 2013-Soccer Challenge

2014 Silver Spur Participation

Worthy Brother Knights at Los Mandamientos De La Lay De Dios at Gaudalupe Mission Monument

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